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No more manual tracking across hundreds of carrier websites. Portcast Intelligent Container Tracking Platform automates real-time & predictive visibility for your cargo so that you always know where your shipments are.

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Ship with confidence & deliver better levels of service to your customers

Simple Set up

Upload containers via CSV or manually using Booking Number, Bill of Lading or Container number to start tracking all your shipments in one place. With over 100+ carriers and NVOCCs supported on the platform, bring all your container volumes to Portcast, we’ll do rest.

No more manual checking

Take action where it matters most by setting alerts & notifications for key supply chain bottlenecks and container event milestones. Our system will let you know if your shipments are arriving later than scheduled, are idling at port, or at risk of being rolled over.

Reliable data

Portcast uses proprietary machine learning techniques to ingest, standardize and make sense of the raw data in order to deliver meaningful insights on the time of arrival and the current location of the container. We triage data from multiple sources to come up with the prediction.


Fortune 500 companies, regional forwarders, and local manufacturing brands – all use Portcast to unlock superior ocean visibility for their containers. See what they have to say about us.

Pick the plan that is right for you

We offer transparent pricing to support the needs & volumes of Small & Mid-Size supply chain teams.

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Track up to 100 containers

Best for smaller teams without predicable container volume.
Up to 5 user seats
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Track up to 300 containers

Ideal for medium-sized teams with seasonal volumes
Up to 10 user seats
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Save 16%


Track up to 1,200 containers

Ideal for larger teams with predictable container volumes.
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Up to 25 seats
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Best for large international teams with existing tools or partial visibility in place
Volume-based pricing
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Custom reporting
Enterprise APIs (including Push)
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Not sure where to start?

Submit a request form and get complimentary access to the platform. Track up to 10 containers for free for 30 days. An ideal option to test out Portcast data coverage.


What does Portcast do?

Upload containers via CSV or manually using Booking Number, Bill of Lading or Container number to start tracking all your shipments in one place. With over 100+ carriers and NVOCCs supported on the platform

What carriers and geographies do you cover?

Our solution is truly global. Our data sets cover data for over 600+ seaports globally and track the location of 95% of the container ship fleet. Additionally, we offer more advanced terminal-level visibility that is more granular for select geographies.

In addition to that, we cover more than 100 carriers and NVOCCs. You can see the complete list here. The best part is that the list keeps on growing! If the carrier you require tracking for is not on this list, please let us know (at, and we can look into adding the same.

Can I integrate your data into my ERP, WMS, internal tool?

Our data can be integrated into your system of choice via an API. For more information about our API, refer to our Documentation Page.

Why do I need predictive visibility?

Predictive visibility provides you with notifications of any risk to your shipments in terms of delays, days in advance for you to make proactive changes to your supply chain.

We have achieved results for our customers in the following areas:

– Improved On-Time-In-Full performance
– Lowered detention and demurrage charges
– Better sales promises: raised customer satisfaction levels of our customer’s clients
– Better downstream supply chain planning

What are the different container events you cover?

We cover all milestones in a container’s journey from “empty container shipped out” to “empty returned” along with transshipment events. We share both the raw and standardized events across carriers.

How do you ensure data quality?

Providing correct data that our clients can rely on to make supply chain decisions is a core tenet of our product.

To ensure data quality, we have taken the following steps:

Built validations across both input data and output data. If there are discrepancies in the data, our system can flag the same at the scale.
Multiplicity of data: For key data pieces, we get the same information from multiple sources so that you can use your judgement and pick the best one in case of contradictions.
Built-in intelligence: Multiple carriers publish the schedule for every vessel; our system can identify the most reliable schedule and uses the same automatically.
Human in the loop: Even after all the above intelligence and automation, some edge cases slip through. Our analysis monitors all outgoing data via various internal dashboards and makes corrections around edge cases.

Looking to set up access for your entire team?

Once you have purchased one of the packages, reach us at One of our representatives will reach out to confirm the user credentials for your team members.

What inputs are required to use the Container Tracking API?

Portcast Container Tracking API offers a flexible method to upload your containers smoothly. There are multiple options to upload data into our system, so pick one that works best for your operational use case.

To start tracking using our API endpoint, you would require either of the following:

1) Track using a combination of Booking or Bill of Lading Number + Container Number + Carrier Name/SCAC Code.
2) Track using a combination of Booking or Bill of Lading Number + Carrier Name/SCAC Code.
3) Track using a Container Number only. (you may exclude the SCAC code. It is optional but preferred).

Consistency is always best, so pick a method that you can rely on consistently to integrate our API. If you are in doubt, we encourage you to consult our team of Integration Engineers to understand the best implementation (and appropriate fallbacks to use) based on your custom requirements.

For more information on the upload methods, refer to our Documentation Page.

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