Gateway Container Line is a leading freight forwarder in Indonesia. With a major focus on Ocean Freight, Gateway uses Portcast Real-Time and Predictive Visibility Platform.

What Issues Were They Facing?

In the past, managing containers was a tedious and manual process for Gateway, that involved checking each shipping line for each customer, per container. Time spent on tracking and updating a single shipment could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Email and Whatsapp updates were sent to customers, but the shipping lines provided unreliable or out-of-date information, resulting in end-customer frustration. 

What Was the Impact of Portcast’s Real-Time Visibility?

Portcast provides Gateway with a consolidated view of all aspects of container visibility – container events as they happen, vessel schedules being followed, live geolocation data and reliable arrival/departure times. Additionally, they provide information on potential delays, allowing Gateway to be aware of possible issues and plan accordingly. Gateway has managed to cut down spending on tracking containers manually by 60-90% using Portcast’s Real-Time and Predictive Visibility.

Since integrating with Portcast, they saw an improvement in customer satisfaction. They were able to provide complete visibility on shipments, tracking them from end to end while ensuring that customers are aware of their progress. Through Portcast APIs, Gateway can easily share the visibility data with customers through their website 

Gateway has tracked over 2,000 containers since integrating Portcast into their systems, saving over 600 hours of manual work each year. Through Portcast’s real-time container tracking, Gateway has saved over 6,000 USD and seen a 1.5X return on their investment; just from saving on tedious manual tracking. Even though the ROI on manual hours saved is 1.5X, the actual return is much higher due to an increased level of customer satisfaction and increased downstream supply chain efficiency.

I'm impressed with the accuracy of the prediction. Portcast inform me of my shipments arrival time better than the carrier's website.

PanjiBusiness Development and Research

In this highly competitive industry, freight forwarding companies that are able to provide complete and actionable visibility to their customers, have a distinct competitive advantage. By providing customers with real-time visibility across the entire shipping process, freight forwarders can help to improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

Containers Tracked
USD Saved Annually
Hours Saved on Manual Work Annually

Portcast Real-time Visibility Platform

Portcast Real-time Visibility Platform aggregates, standardises and enriches container tracking data from over 70 sources to provide you with a single source of truth. Our system detects risks and also explains the key reason for the delays so you can get a full picture of all your containers, easily.

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