The news of the Suez Canal blockage with the vessel Ever Given which was headed towards Rotterdam is now well known.

While this was caused by adverse weather in the area, it has closed off the canal to vessels that were scheduled to pass through, thus impacting shippers globally.

With each passing day that the canal stays blocked, the situation can get severe for goods movement.  We have collated a shortlist of container vessels that we cover that have been impacted by this event to help you identify whether your shipment has been affected.

These include vessels that were:

  1. Scheduled to pass by the Suez Canal within the next 1 week (i.e. from 24th March to 31st March) or
  2. Waiting at the Suez Canal anchorage area yesterday i.e. on 23rd March

Access the list updated in real- time

Are you looking to integrate predictive alerts to mitigate this disruption on your shipment?

We are providing our customers complementary contingency notice for all shipments affected by the Suez Canal closure. Reach out to us at or schedule a demo