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Market forecast for air cargo demand and freight rate

Increase your revenue by leveraging reliable air cargo and freight forecasts developed using various market signals and proprietary machine learning algorithms

Know what is happening across key freight trade lanes

Bringing you the expertise we have developed in demand forecasting for you to make business decisions


Use the market forecast to make better and more timely decisions around which trade lanes to increase or decrease assigned capacity


The spot market freight rate forecasts can enable you to quote better prices to your customers, thus increasing revenue through optimal pricing


Use the market forecasts to complement or improve the accuracy of your own internal forecasts. The Portcast demand forecasting platform can also be used to manipulate and combine multiple forecasts.

Why Customers Like Us

Right level of granularity

The market forecasts would be on a continent, region or specific port level, as needed. Customizations around time granularity – weekly, monthly or quarterly aggregations available

All major trade lanes covered

Portcast supports 100+ shipping lines, forwarders and NVOCCs. Covering over 700+ container ports and terminals. We provide market forecasts for all major trade lanes and can customize the same for you.

Fresh data, always

The market forecasts are updated on a weekly basis so that you are using the most up to date data for your business plans

Access indices developed by Portcast

You can also subscribe to the components that go into building the market forecasts, such as congestion or container throughput index. These are developed by Portcast in-house and are not available anywhere else.

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